Church Re-Opening Plan

Saints and Seekers, 

As we have sought the Lord’s timing for our re-opening June 21, Father’s Day, was right for us. Below you will find a list of guidelines, some requirements, and some suggestions you will need to know in order to honor the Lord and our authorities to worship together again. We are so thrilled and expectant of God leading His Church as we move forward, together. 

Due to the maximum capacity regulations in New York State we must have 2 worship gatherings to ensure everyone in our church family can take part. 

WHERE: We will gather together at 530 Pennsylvania Ave.

WHEN: 9:45am and 11:00am 


If your last name begins with the letters A-K, you will attend the 9:45am gathering. If your last name begins with the letters L-Z you will attend the 11:00am gathering. 

11:00am attendees please do not enter the building earlier than 10:50am. Family members with different last names go by the parent/guardian last name. 

  • Our modified worship service will last only one hour.
  • There will be a single entry point nearest the street and a separate exit furthest from the street. 
  • Doors will be left propped open to keep contact points to a minimum.
  • Rows of seating have been spaced out to at least six feet apart. Chairs have also been grouped in various sizes to accommodate our families. We ask that households please sit together (or those who drove in together) to make efficient use of our seating. Also, please do not move chairs; let an usher know if your household needs additional seats.
  • If at all possible remain at your seat for the duration of the worship gathering.

Kids church, nursery care, welcome area and coffee will not be available. 

  • The nursery room (under 4 years old) will be open in case you require it. Toys are not available for now.

Congregants are strongly encouraged to practice spatial distancing.

Masks must be worn upon entering and exiting the threshold of the building. 

  • Please stay at least six feet apart from others and perform non-contact greetings (even if you’re personally fine with close contact). So please, no handshakes or hugs inside the building. 
  • Parents, you must be diligent to keep your children with you at all times in order to prevent unnecessary contact with others. Please help prepare them for this gathering.
  • Once seated, you may remove your mask for the duration of the service. If you must get up and move around, we suggest you put your mask back on.
  • Do not congregate in the lobby/foyer or doorways. If you would like to stay and chat with others, please do so outside. 
  • Restrooms are open but we encourage you to use them as little as possible. 

TIthes and Offerings will be placed in a single drop in box near the back of our auditorium. 

We know it is going to be good, but it will also challenge us in new ways. We look forward to struggling together in the mighty power and love of Jesus, our King.